An Aspiring Passion Realized 


Andrew Sellman, like many passionate young men, went to work in his early twenties at the famed Cedar Ridge Arabians in Minnesota. He was full of passion and drive, while brimming with natural talent, not to mention that certain elegance that always makes a good halter trainer stand out from the rest. Everyone knew Andy Sellman was going to go far.  


In 2001, Andy joined the staff at Gallun Farms in the bucolic valley of Santa Ynez, California as an assistant trainer to Greg Gallun. There Andy was able to learn many methods and techniques that would help make him the success he is today. He also forged lifelong friendships and relationships with the many wonderful breeders that call that majestic valley home. 


In 2005 Andy made one of the biggest decisions so far in his lifetime, personally and professionally, and that was to say his many thanks, over and over, not only to Greg and Nancy but also to their entire staff and lastly to the many new friends and contacts made in Santa Ynez and then to head home. Each and every one of these people had played a mentor type role in Andy's life, great and small. 


There is a famous saying that goes something like this, "If you want to be a success then drive a stake in the ground and never get too far from it", and that is just what the consummate professional, Andy Sellman has done. Argent Farms in Wisconsin opened their doors in 2005 and Andy has never looked back. The rewards have been many and the gratitude for them runs just as deep as the commitment to make them happen. Let's not forget that ingredient nor the necessary ingredient of supportive long term clients whose commitment keeps it all going and allows trainers like Andy Sellman the ability to remain focused on the goal. The goal at Argent is, of course, to condition and present some of the world's finest Arabian horses, in every competition attended, to the best of that specific horse's overall abilities. The goal has now been achieved over and over to the delight and pride of all involved. Andy and wife Angie's expertly trained staff is intently passionate and attentive to the conditioning and care of every individual horse that comes to them for training and marketing. The number of satisfied clients continues to swell into bigger and bigger numbers and the wins and accolades continue to do the very same. 


The Honors belonging to Andy Sellman:

APAHA Halter Handler of the Year - FIVE times

APAHA Hall of Fame 

AHT Reader's Choice Awards Halter Trainer of the Year - Twice now and most recently in 2013 

Las Vegas World Cup Handler of Excellence - Also twice and most recently in 2014 

Arabian Horse World Totally Tops Champion - Three times, most recently 2014 

AHT 2013 #1 Overall leading trainer by number of wins and number of winners, #1 purebred leading trainer and #1 half-Arab leading trainer


In 2012 Andy showed four National Champion Stallions in four different countries:

US National Champion Stallion Pyro Thyme SA

Canadian National Champion Stallion LD Pistal 

Australian National Champion Stallion Guiliano 

Brazilian National Champion Stallion Vulcano HVP 


All of these awards and accomplishments are made feasible also by an amazing partner in Andy's life, his wife Angie Larson-Sellman, his three beautiful and horse-inspired children Grayson, Saige and the young Dayne, as well as, an amazing support staff that is just as focused on the main goal as Andy. 


The gate to Argent Farms remains open 24/7 and Andy considers it an honor and a pleasure to care for the breed's very best. The attitude is always positive and the work ethic beyond the norm while all at Argent are consistently relaying the distinct message to anyone that loves the Arabian horse - Come Experience Everything Arabian with All at Argent. It is a pleasure to grow together! 


Lara Ames, owner of the AHT magazine and one of the owners of Cedar Ridge Arabians says it best, "Besides having an elegance in the ring second to none and a heart as good as gold, Andy is loved by all professionals in the breed - halter and performance trainers alike - and that says a lot about the person he is inside. Andy is simply a class act and very serious competitor."


Andy Sellman is truly a man who has always remained a humble student of Arabian horses and now with children of his own and a support staff who want to become tomorrow's professionals as well he is also the teacher - and simply a good man. 


“I am very proud of my staff and I assure you they are wonderful horsemen and wonderful people. I am honored to work on behalf of an extraordinary clientele. Many of them are my great friends and it is truly a privilege to go through the Arabian horse experience with them.” Andy Sellman